Friday, July 10, 2009

Days 3 and 4, and maybe 5...

The last few days have really been spent in the classroom but we've taken a few outings on the side and seen some great stuff. I will probably post more "thoughtful" stuff later on our discussions-some really thought provoking stuff-but for now, here's the "lighter" side of Northern Ireland!

We are staying across the street from the Botanic Gardens. I have too many pictures of all the flowers but here's a fun one from the "jungle house". Ginormous leaf!

These are the rose gardens. They were so colorful and beautiful and the landscaping was wonderful-almost labrynth-like.

This is Edgehill Theological College (Queens University), the local Methodist "training institute" for those entering the parish in Ireland. This is where our classes have been held.

The City Hall in Belfast. I don't know if you can tell in this picture or not, but there's a statue of the Queen of England out front and the Union Jack flying at the top-a sure sign of British rule.

A random huge ceramic fish at the waterfront (the same bay where the Titanic was buillt!) so we decided to treat it like Texans....
Lots more fun pictures, may have to wait for facebook for those...but all in all things have been going "swimmingly". Tomorrow we head to Derry (or Londonderry, depending on who you ask!) and to see the Giant's Causeway. Loads more pictures, I'm sure! Tata for now, peace to you all!

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