Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weeks 21-24

Minus week 22, because we forgot to take a picture :(

21 weeks
This was taken the same night as the reveal party...since Carla knew before the rest of us what we were having she brought us a little bag of newborn boy stuff from Evan, so that's a blue and white striped onesie sitting on my belly :) Not sure why I grabbed the baseball-we aren't too crazy about gender-specific stereotypes, but baseball is one of the things my dad loves, and if I had to choose a favorite sport, it'd be that one!

23 weeks
Another long day but definitely getting bigger :)

24 weeks
Jon had a little fun with this photo shoot :)

Things are getting really fun in pregnancy, because it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant :) I'm getting lots of "I know I shouldn't ask this, but are you expecting?" questions. The little guy is moving around a ton...I always feel movement in the mornings right when I wake up, and almost always in the evenings, either after dinner or as we are going to bed. He's working on sleep cycles in the womb right now, sleeping about 12-14 hours at a time, and there's definitely a more distinguished pattern to the movement! Since the movement is more increased, Jon gets to feel time in bed he was laying with his head on my belly and got kicked in the ear :)

We're working on nursery colors and names now that we know what we are having. And no, we aren't sharing names until the baby's born, sorry everybody! I can tell you that the middle name is definite (I thought of it-and it is SO PERFECT!-the night we found out we were having a boy) and we're still deciding between two names for the first name.

Overall I'm still feeling pretty great, even on the days when I don't sleep well the night before I still seem to have this unexplained energy source, I can only hope that keeps up since our semester isn't quite halfway over! And, it's CRAZY to think about...but we're only a few weeks away from starting the third trimester! I'm beginning to feel what I'm sure will be more discomfort during that time-lots of back pain, difficulty getting comfortable while I sleep, and needing to get up and stretch lots when I have to sit for longer periods of time. Oh yeah, and less and less room in my belly, especially when I try to eat something resembling a full meal :)

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