Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eli-1 Month Old!

Well this post is a few days late...Elijah was 1 month old on Sunday, February 12th! I am stealing the traditions of two good friends as we celebrate his monthly birthdays...first, Calia's cute cupcake pictures each month. Second, Tiffany wrote her son Milo a letter each month, and I love that idea as a way to record what's happening and I will be printing these out to stick in his baby book as well.

Here are a few of the pictures we took (we plan to take them each month in this chair in his nursery):
little boy big chair
Little boy in his big chair!

look over there!
Looking at daddy...

intent stare
We see this look a lot!

almost smiles
Almost a smile!

Dear Eli,
As you turn one month old, I can't believe how much your dad and I have experienced in such a short amount of time! Everyone says the time flies-and it so does-but we've been so consumed with getting to know you and taking care of you that I truly feel like we've fully experienced each and every moment (or at least the ones we were awake enough for!). You are such a calm baby and we feel so fortunate to have a baby who's easy to calm down. I have to admit that the first two weeks of your life were incredibly hard for me. I knew that I loved you but I just didn't know you that well. Personally I was recovering from bringing you into the world and it was hard on my body and my emotions. But we made it through, and we are both better on the other end of it. You've always been a good eater and for that I'm so grateful! You've become a very active baby-it's incredible to think about those first few weeks and your awake time was alert, but just staring at us and the world around you. Now, you like to lay on a blanket and move your arms and legs. And Eli, you've started doing the cutest thing-over the past week, you've started to coo and talk to us. Your Grandma and Grandpa Z-L were at our house last weekend and you really came out of your shell and found your voice while they were here-it was such a delight for everyone! So far we only see smiles while you sleep, but we know they aren't far away.
Eli, you came into the world two weeks early-and I have a feeling you're going to be just a little ahead of yourself from here on out. You've held up your head since day one, and everyone always remarks how strong your muscles are. The other day during tummy time-I'm sure it was a fluke but I'm still a proud mommy-you pushed yourself up on your arms and then rolled over on your back!
Everyone tells us who you look like-and the majority of people say you look just like your daddy :) I've been trying to pick out who's features you have but right now, all I think is that you just look like yourself. It will be fun to see you continue to grow into your features. And by far, my favorite part of you is your feet-that might sound weird but they are just the sweetest.
Eli, no matter how hard things might get as we continue to get to know each other-when we're both tired and cranky and I don't respond to you with as much grace and patience as I should, or I get frustrated because you peed on me again while I am changing your diaper-I want you to know how very much you are loved. Of course you are loved greatly by your dad and I-but there are so many others who love you just as much. Your family members, and all of your honorary aunts and uncles-they welcomed you into this world with so much love for you, so much celebration with your arrival. I pray you always know how much love surrounds you, and I pray that you will learn how to love by experiencing the love of the people around you.
You are our sunshine, bud!
Mom (I love being called that!)


  1. I love this post, Mara! We did this with Wesley also - in a guitar case! I love Calia's idea with the cupcake. That's awesome. I agree - those first 2 weeks were hard. Healing, dealing with emotions, getting to know this boy, meeting my husband as a dad, figuring out what it means to be a mom, and living life, all on lack of sleep! On top of that, I'd get peed on! ;-) I hope it continues to get easier for y'all, it is for us. I miss sleep, but it's all worth it!

  2. He definitely looks just like John. He is so stinkin adorable!! I can't wait to meet him this summer! :)

  3. This honorary aunt LOVES your letter to him!!! You and Jon (as well as all the other new parents we know) are giving us tons to look forward to and tons of learning opportunities right now. Thank you for sharing. And, just like honorary aunt Skye, I can't wait to meet Eli soon!!!