Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who does Eli look like?

As soon as you have a baby, everyone has an opinion on who your child looks like! I would have to say that overwhelmingly we hear that Eli looks just like his daddy, but a few have said he looks like the perfect combination of the two of us, and fewer still have pointed out his features that seem to resemble mine.

When I was pregnant, as I thought ahead to meeting our baby boy, I thought for sure I'd be able to pinpoint right away who's eyes, nose, mouth, etc he has...but I still don't always see what people point out! I just see Eli.

We pulled out our baby pictures to do some comparisons.

What do you think? Here's some of my baby pictures:

Mara sleeping

Mara 6 weeks
We only have a couple of Jon's, and only one that I could get a decent picture of:
Jon 6 weeks

I think the pictures of me sleeping look a lot like Eli.

Here's a 6 week and a sleeping picture of Eli, for comparison...
Eli 6 weeks

Eli sleeping
I know for sure Eli has his dad's hair (dark and curly) and his dad's feet! I think he has my nose, inherited from the LeHew family (my mom's family).
Eli feet
I love these little feet.
Who do you see in Eli?


  1. I know who he looks like ... Alfred Hitchcock!! Well, not the nose, but the mouth for sure! :-)
    But best of all, he's ELI! His own little self !! And it doesn't get any better than that ♥♥
    -- Deanna

  2. I feel the same way, Mara! Wesley looks like Wesley to me but people tell me he looks just like me and others say just like jarrod! I see a lot of Jon in Eli, but he does look like you in that first picture.

  3. Okay, I think you and Eli look almost identical in the 6 week picture...

    I do think his smile reminds me of Jon's smile, though.

    He's precious!!!