Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm trying...

...REALLY hard to be a better blogger. But this time of my life is just a little busy right now. However, at the request of someone who shall remain nameless (a former roommate of mine, does that help?) here's an update. It's boring, at least I think, but an update nonetheless.

Jon and I decorated our house for Christmas last night. It was wonderful, our first year of marriage we didn't decorate because we weren't even home for Christmas and we were in an apartment so it wouldn't have been all that fun anyway. Once we bought our house, we bought a tree, and have been acquiring decorations every since. I just love the Christmas season, as you can probably tell from my recent album on facebook. Tonight we are going to a Lessons and Carols service at Perkins, which I'm excited about. Sadly, halfway through my fourth year here, this is the first Lessons and Carols I have attended here, which is ridiculous because I'm sure it'll be amazing. Plus, it's getting all kinds of cold here (like, below freezing tonight!) and it even snowed yesterday morning, so it feels even MORE like "that time of year", at least more than it has in Texas since we moved here.

We went home for Thanksgiving, which was "special", it was great to see family and I will just leave it at that. We both had our District Committee Meetings for our ordination process and both received recommendations from the committee for the Board of Ordained ministry, the next step in the process, so now we need to be plowing through that paperwork to turn it in early January. Jon was told that they wished they could clone him, and I was told I was a bad listener, so hopefully those two balance out and we'll be just fine :)

On an unrelated note, I've been thinking about politics a lot lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because they usually drive me nuts and I want to enter into heated discussions about them but I feel like I know next to nothing about policy, candidates, etc so I usually keep my mouth shut. Any recommendations for a "U.S. Politics for dummies" type book? I've got plenty of opinions on the matter but I guess grad school has taught me the importance of support for your argument, and that's where I feel I'm lacking.

Anywho, I'm on a self-imposed deadline to finish a paper before the service at 7, so off I go. I turn in my final paper by Monday at 5 so at that point, at least a part of my life will be reclaimed, and perhaps I can think of more interesting things to blog about. I recently found the quote boards from my college roomies, that could provide an interesting topic of conversation...stay tuned!

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