Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack

Well. Yes. It's been awhile. Several reasons:

1) Uhm, full time ministry is busy. And exhausting. Fun and exciting and fulfilling and all that-but good Lord there is no time for anything else. I'm working on more balance, I swear.

2) my laptop broke early fall, which means I have to fight for time on Jon's. Added with the above exhaustion, unfortunately blogging our life has not been at the top of my list.

3) I don't know what to write about. I already posted about the transitions over the past year...but really, our lives aren't that exciting. Unless you want to see pictures of our cats...there's lots of those.

4) our camera broke in August. I hate posts without pictures. But guess what...

We got a new camera!!

That, with the addition of summer, means I plan on puttin' stuff up here a whole lot more. Brace yo selves...

A taste of posts to come:

We went to NYC for the first time!

Two of my favorite babies came to visit! (it was fun having their mommas around, too...)

I learned some new baking skillz from aforementioned mammas. And, I'm super stoked to combine my love of baking with my love for this new camera...which is seriously awesome if I didn't mention that yet. Between baking and babies, I may or may not have taken a gross number of pictures this past weekend...

Anywho, that's all for now!


  1. what kind of camera did you get?? i'm glad to see you back. i really wish i was going to PK this summer... im pretty bummed about it. :(

    ANYWAYS... gonna post a recipe for those delish looking cupcakes?? yum!!

  2. Skye! We got a Sony NEX5. LOVE IT but haven't had time to fully play yet...yes, cupcake recipe forthcoming (for tiramisu cupcakes! yum!)