Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The past 16 weeks

The past 16 weeks I've been really busy. I finished my first year at my full-time ministry placement in campus ministry, and Jon and I did some fun traveling over the summer-Chicago, Colorado, Reno, and Texas! We moved to a new house, so I don't commute anymore *yippie!*.

Oh, yeah, I guess the last 16 weeks have also been busy with the small detail of growing another human being. NBD.

Ok, maybe a bit of a big deal! We are ECSTATIC to be expecting Baby Bailey, due January 25th!

Here's some shots to catch you up on our growing family over the last few months!

9 weeks
Our first belly shot-not really a belly but we thought it would be fun to remember where we were when...for our 5th anniversary Jon surprised me with a long weekend trip near Denver, CO-which included my first visit to Red Rocks park-BEAUTIFUL!

10 weeks
A little more belly...could also be in part from the huge amounts of fake sushi I ate for dinner before this picture was taken :) Also, don't mind the whatever is happening on my chin...there was a spot on the lens of our camera :)

12 weeks
Oops, missed week 11. Don't worry, you didn't miss much. This was a fun week-got to officiate at the wedding of some great friends in Reno!

13 weeks
Hello belly! Probably mostly due to the insane amounts of great food we ate with our friends in Texas (I think this picture was taken on rib night, even...that would explain a lot!)

14-15 weeks
Yes, I look like crap in this picture...it was taken after a long day. And, I can't remember when this picture was taken...but I can tell you it was sometime in weeks 14-15 :)

16 weeks
Bam! 16 weeks. Definite belly.

So far, things have gone very smoothly! I don't want to say I had an easy first trimester, because nothing about pregnancy is easy-but let's just say I know it could have been much worse. We will find out what we're having in September, so stay tuned for that, and more updates to come!
I have started to feel some movement (I am 18 weeks tomorrow) and am looking forward to the days when the movements are more pronounced, and definitely when Jon can start to feel them from the outside! We have yet to agree on an in-utero name-Jon calls him/her Sunshine (cause he used to sing me the "You Are My Sunshine" song, and plans on singing it to our child as well!) and I've taken to calling him/her Pipsqueak or Pip. I think we're both just bull-headed enough not to give up on the name we came up with, and compromise on the other-so we'll see how that develops!

Until the next update...much love to you all!


  1. I love that you are taking belly shots! You'll be so glad you did. You look beautiful pregnant!

  2. I'm so glad you found time to post yesterday! I can't believe how much Mega Bee has grown since we last saw you!!! You're so cute!

  3. Mara, you look great! A beautiful mama already. =)

  4. OK this is an exceptionally late post but...
    1) Congrats!
    2) You are certainly welcome to name baby Baily after our dog Pip... :-D

    We know we live very far away but we hope we get to see you, Jon, and baby sometime!

    the Finks