Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yay! Friends and babies!

This post is dedicated to two wonderful boys who came to visit me and dragged their mamas along (so what if the visit was 4 months ago...).
Evan and eric
Evan and Eric, best friends!

The second day they were in town happened to be the day our new camera arrived in the mail, so we had fun taking lots of pictures of these two happy (most of the time) subjects. And, the moms and Mara (now mom to be...more on that later!) had great times catching up, baking, and playing baby swap.

I won't say much more, because I think these adorable pictures say enough!!

carla, evan, and fishies
Carla and Evan check out the fishes

Don't worry-Liz has a great handle on him :)

There were happy times...

There were not so happy times...

Carla and Evan, having fun

Liz and Eric, having fun!

And now, for my favorite series of photos. We start with a harmless attempt at posing..."come on boys, hold hands! that would be so cute!"


"See? We love each other!"

"I am so done with this."

And finally, one last photo of cuteness for your viewing pleasure (as if these two adorable boys weren't enough...!), Jon's newest hobby: teaching babies how to do pushups.


That's all folks! And big thanks to Liz and Carla for taking some time to bring their babies down to Beatrice so that Aunt Mara could dote...