Sunday, December 4, 2011

The long lost update

It's been so long, I can't even tell you what weeks these pictures are from. I can tell you they're in order...not that it's all that helpful. I'm disappointed I didn't do better keeping up with the updates, not just for my few loyal readers but for myself!! A few of these I do know-I'll label those :)
25 weeks
Week 25
These next two are from our first baby shower, put together by my friends Liz and Carla-yes, I know that's deserving of a whole other post...maybe I'll get there :)
26 weeks
26 weeks- this is with my mom and her sisters, who were all able to attend the shower! Sorry Linda, this isn't a great picture of you...

baby shower
These are the Baileys who were at the shower-Jon's grandma Donna, my sister in law Angela, and my mother in law Nancy! It was so great to have them there!
Can't tell you what week this is...can tell you I was on the phone with my mom :) I want to say this is week 28? I vaguely remember wearing this outfit for a meeting I was at that night...
And, I think this is week 30. Either way, this is around the time that everyone in the office started saying I was noticeably bigger-and I think that's totally true.
32 weeks
And, this is 32 weeks. I'm 33 weeks tomorrow, so this is a pretty accurate depiction of how I feel-which is huge. My face has really filled out-yuck :)

I'm still feeling decent, all things considered...more uncomfortable than comfortable, but I wouldn't say I'm sick of being pregnant or anything like that-aside from being anxious to meet our baby, I'm still grateful for the time we have left to continue preparations! My biggest "symptoms" now are swollen feet, especially if I'm on them too much, and pretty horrible sleeping patterns (getting up at least twice a night to use the bathroom, and general discomfort sleeping on my sides or being too hot). I'm working on a post to show you all the great nursery that's coming together so that'll be up next!!


  1. I'm with Skye on this one. And as for the heat at night- Jared has an extra blanket and I sleep in a t-shirt or tank top and boxers. Last night was the exception- I was freezing going to bed, so I wore a cute pj set my mom bought me. I can't wait to meet Baby Boy Bailey! PS- Jon looks just like his mom!

  2. Thanks ladies :) I don't feel that big until I see a picture of myself!!

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