Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is where the baby lives

Or, this is where the baby will live, once he's a) out here in the world and b) ready to sleep in his own room :)

My amazing mom made our nursery bedding, curtains, etc. It was super fun picking out the fabric-though I have to be honest and tell you it took us awhile for Jon and I to agree on fabric :) the first time we went to the fabric store, we started in the baby section, and I'm just not a big fan of pastels and stuff that says baby all over it. Jon preferred a lot of that stuff, because you know, it's a baby...but I felt like I didn't need fabric to tell me there was a baby around our house :) I feel like I did some convincing to get Jon on board with this fabric, but from the beginning we both really liked argyle as a pattern, so I think he's happy with it! But overall, I wanted more bold colors and fun patterns, and I think we achieved that! We've also gotten some really awesome custom gifts which I have yet to take pictures of but it's just so fun that everything goes together without paying a ton for it!

First, an overall shot:
This is standing in the doorway looking in. The only thing you can't see in this picture is the dresser far off to the left and the bookshelf which I'm standing beside.

Now, some detail shots. First, the crib:
We love love love this crib! and, it's convertible, so it will transform (I'll probably make Jon make transformer noises while he's putting it together) into a toddler bed and then a full size bed. The kid better like it, cause it's sticking with him for life! My mom made the crib skirt, crib sheet (there are also a couple of solid colors that match), and the pillows:
pillow 1
pillow 2
I totally stole the idea for these pillows from my friend Leanne's blog-so thanks for that :) And no, they won't be in the crib with the baby...they'll be like floor pillows or maybe one will go on the rocker (when it gets here in January-wheeee!!).

This is our main shelf, we will get some tubs and things for the toys. But look at that totally cute lampshade my mom made!! You can also see some of the curtains. Here's a close-up of the detail:
curtain detail
The buttons match the polkadots, which you can't really see in this picture. There are also tiebacks coming made out of the striped fabric.

Here's the dresser (amidst a pile of stuff we still have to put away, from the very generous shower thrown by Jon's youth and church!):

And, just because I love it so much, one more shot of the crib:

crib 2

So there you have it! All the big pieces are in place...for my birthday/Christmas Jon got me the rocker/glider I have been dreaming of, and it should be delivered mid-January, hopefully before the baby comes! I've been doing lots of laundry to be able to put clothes away, and over the next few weeks we'll get a few more decorations up. After we sort through/put away the rest of the shower stuff, that room will be ready to go! It's been so much fun putting it all together, and I'm so grateful for my mom's great sewing skills to make it all happen!


  1. Okay I just have to say that I LOVE the colors and patterns that you went with! Perfect for a little boy and totally will grow with him like the crib. This is adorable I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to meet the cutie :)
    See you in Jan! :)

  2. Fun, fun!! We went with a very non-baby theme as well because I do not like all of that stuff either. :) Our colors are red, black and white and we used some photography on the walls and a chalkboard to write quotes/scripture on too. Excited for you guys!!

  3. very, very wonderful! love the non-baby fabric and your mom is totally awesome. good job on talking jon around. can't wait to meet the tiniest bailey. hopefully we'll see you in march.

  4. Bravo, Bailey's! It looks awesome. So much different than when we were down a couple months ago. I love the fabric choice and your mom did a wonderful job! I am a much bigger fan of the non-babyish baby's room. Can't wait to meet your little guy!

  5. I LOVE IT!!! I love all the fabric and those pillows are so stinking cute! I would love to have those on my bed! :) And lucky you with the super talented mother! All of the bedding and curtains is just so cute. I die. :)

  6. Mara, I love your decorating tastes for your baby's room. And congratulations! I wish you and your new family the very best in the coming weeks and months as you all are settling in.

  7. I love love love love love the nursery! I'm with you - I was not interested in pastels or baby fabric. I love the bold colors, patterns, and pillows. I had to talk Jarrod into a lot of things with the nursery as well - it was hard for him to imagine things for a baby in a room in our house. :-)

  8. This is ADORABLE!!! Way cute!! Love the fact that your mom was able to make all of these pieces-- it makes the nursery all the more special :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. i LOVE this! can't wait to see the nursery (and YOU, of course) in person! we already knew about you mom's mad sewing skills. i have evidence hanging in a closet at my parents' house. although the baby's things are WAY cuter! ;)

  10. AHHHHHH!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's official. You're my decorator if I ever have another baby. We can trade decorating services for doula services. =)