Friday, May 25, 2012

3-4 Months

Dear Eli,
You are four months old now! I missed posting your three month letter and am late with your four month letter because we have not slowed down lately! Your dad and I wondered if when you came into our lives it would slow us down much- but it appears not :) for your three-month birthday we were staying with Bibi and Pappy in Des Moines while your dad and I attended a conference (your first of many United Methodist conferences, I'm sure!). Your four-month birthday was on graduation day at Nebraska Wesleyan University so I hardly got to see you at all that day-but your dad took great care of you and even brought you to see me during one of my breaks.
At some point just after your two-month birthday, your dad and I looked at each other and said, "he's not a newborn anymore!". We're not sure when it happened exactly but somewhere in there you really started showing your personality, learning new tricks, and stopped being the cuddly, floppy baby who would sleep on us all the time! I am sure from here on out we will meet each transition in your stages with a similar feeling: mourning, in a way, how fast you are growing and the things that are no more, yet so excited to see you continue to grow and develop into the sweet boy you are becoming.
You still aren't rolling over yet but your doctor tells us that can be the sign of a very content baby! You continue to smile more and more and always have a story to tell-we can't wait until the day when we know exactly what you are saying :) You love to read books and you are able to sit up in your Bumbo chair. You don't like having your clothes put on or having your diaper changed anywhere but home.
Just after you turned three months we took you on your first big trip and plane ride to New Orleans for a family wedding. It was so much fun introducing you to the LeHew family-you will have so much fun with them as you get older! Of course the happy couple were the stars of the weekend, but you were a close second as people were anxious to meet their newest cousin and grand nephew! We also got to go and see our friends Jared and Alina and meet your new best friend Palmer! You did two new things on this trip. First, Bibi taught you how to blow raspberries-and I don't think you've stopped since! You wake up blowing raspberries, and do them while you play on your playmat. Your dad says that's how you communicate :) On April 21, you also gave us your first belly laugh. Bibi and I were playing with you in the hotel room and you just laughed, it was so sweet! Of course since dad wasn't there he didn't believe it happened-and you wouldn't give us another one for a week or so! But now we are able to make you laugh with tickles, silly faces and goofy games.
The other really neat thing about this time in your life is that during your fourth month, your daddy got to take paternity leave and stay home with you for a month. I loved it because dad got to see how much work it is to stay home and take care of you-he loved it because it was priceless time you two got to spend together. He really got to know your habits well during that time and is usually the one educating me on your schedule and needs!
Eli, you are such a sweet, happy baby and so many times your dad and I look at each other and ask, "how did we get so lucky??". We love you dear boy. My favorite moments lately are when I am feeding you and you stroke my back with your hand or play with my shirt. I also love the sweet smiles you give just before you fall asleep! I know the next few months will be so much fun as you become more mobile and we continue to see your personality come through! We love you little man!

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