Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 months!

Dear Eli,
Yesterday you turned 5 months old. I am kind of scared to write this post because that means that the next time I write about your month-iversary it will be the big S-half a year. And I just can't believe that you have been with us for almost 6 months!!

You still aren't rolling over, but you are so close! You tolerate tummy time a lot better, especially when daddy reads to you or you watch your light-up music player. You seem to enjoy being naked more than being in a diaper or clothes, as you still fuss when we start to get you dressed. You are really starting to express not just your delight in life but also the things that frustrate you-when you lose a toy you're playing with, or when mom or dad are playing with you and have to get up for a minute.
You continue to vocalize all the time. Although we still see the occasional raspberry, we're more likely to hear you "rawring" like a dinosaur or lion (or sometimes it's more like a pirate "ARRRRRR!"). You've realized you can fake cough and do that all the time as well.

What is especially enjoyable about you right now: how you study other people, and then give them a big smile. How comfortable you are around other people. How you like to hold my hand while you nurse. How it's so easy to make you smile and laugh-and your laugh is such a delight to listen to! How content you are all the time-whether you're playing by yourself, riding in your carseat, waking up and talking to yourself in the much fun it is introducing you to new people, and watching them shower you with so much love. How much you love to splash in your baths-you use your arms now too! How your legs don't stop moving, ever! And, of course, how you helped me to celebrate in such a big way my very first Mother's Day!

We kept you very busy this month! During Memorial Day weekend, you went with us to a cabin at Black Hawk State Park in Iowa with our friends the Leos and the Olsons. Evan and Eric, your bestest buddies (whether you like it or not!) both learned your name, and although you aren't the most interactive playmate yet, they still had some fun with you. And of course your honorary aunts and uncles had a great time cuddling you and making you laugh!
You also attended your first two (of many!) Annual Conferences-first Iowa, then Nebraska. Of course you were a welcome distraction to all around us-everyone loved meeting you! You also helped do your part raising money for Imagine No Malaria as you donated a net for every month of your life, and challenged everyone there to donate a net for every year of their life. We know you will continue to do so much good with your life, and pray that we do our part to raise you to be aware of the needs of the world around you, and always willing to respond to those needs in a helping way.
Eli, you are so very special to us, and we just can't remember the last time anything or anyone brought us so much joy! It is an honor to be called your parents.
Mom and Dad


  1. I love this, Mara! Wesley fake coughs also and giggles like a champ. I really like reading your updates because I love knowing that we're experiencing a lot of the same things with our sweet little men.

    1. Isn't it fun?? And babies are so funny, the way they learn they can do something and then just don't stop!! Hope all is well down in Texas!

    2. This makes me so excited about what we have in store with Palmer!!! She's almost laughing! It's the BEST thing to watch her try to figure it out.