Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eli's 10th month

Dear Eli,
You are 10 months old! I'm having a hard time believing that when we celebrate your 11 month-iversary, we'll begin counting down the final month of your first year!

This month we celebrated your first Halloween. We dressed you up as a lobster and your dad and I were chefs. You seemed to enjoy riding around in your stock pot, as we showed you off to the students at mom's work! You got to explore the insides of a pumpkin in your typical inquisitive way.

You are really on the move! You've figured out how to really crawl and get going so fast. You pull yourself up on everything and get frustrated when there's nothing for you to pull yourself up with. You've also started walking around furniture while holding on.

You get so much joy out of life. You love to play chase and giggle when we catch you. You are extremely ticklish and it's such a fun way to make you laugh! You love to swing, and I am grateful that we've continued to have some good weather days and live close enough to the park to walk there on a nice day. You absolutely adore animals and squeal with delight (and start chasing them down!) whenever you see Max or Lewis walk by you, or Bailey the little dog at day care (especially when she comes to give you kisses!). You also make silly faces-my favorite is when you stick your tongue out of your mouth quickly-you look just like a little lizard!

We keep trying some new table foods. You love to eat and will try anything we give you (and have yet to dislike something we've given you). You aren't great at chewing before you swallow, so the table foods have been slow going (plus, you just shove as much in your mouth as you can!) but we will keep trying. This month we tried blueberries, zucchini, different kinds of yogurt, applesauce, and teething cookies.

It is so fun to watch you continue to discover your world. I know the adventure is just beginning! We love you, sweet boy, and just can't get enough of you!
Mom and Dad

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