Wednesday, January 9, 2013

11 months down, 1 to go...

Dear Eli,
Well here we are, writing your 11 month letter. The days are going too quickly as we count down to your first birthday! You are so fun right now as you are getting more and more mobile and spend so much time exploring your world.
Right now it is so fun watching you do the things you love. You absolutely LOVE music and will often sing along, especially at church. You dance by shaking your head up and down, and wiggling your little bottom. If you're crawling when you hear music, you stop on your hands and knees and rock back and forth.
A few weeks ago at church you learned to clap for the first time. You were waving your hands to the music and brought them together in front of you and as soon as you realized what you had done, you just kept doing it again and again! You are very ticklish and it is so easy to get you laughing with a little tickle. You also love to play chase and peek a bo. One of the sweetest things you do right now is giving us a hug whenever your dad or I pick you up. You are getting so fast at cruising around furniture-you prefer to be standing and move around this way rather than crawl, and you pull yourself up on everything you possibly can!

It has been so fun to begin to share the holidays with you. You love Christmas lights and it's been fun getting to tell you about our holiday traditions and the meaning of Christmas as we put our decorations out.

You continue to love food. We try new table foods all the time and you are really good at getting food to your mouth. You also figured out how to chew and swallow better, so there is a lot less choking going on! I can't really say what your favorites are because you seriously eat everything we put in front of you! You now have 6 teeth-four more came in on top, just about at the same time!

Eli, we love you and just can't wait to celebrate your birthday. It's hard to believe our little baby isn't much of a baby anymore, but it is just a pleasure and a joy to see you grow more and more into your personality.
Love, Mom and Dad

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  1. It was SO FABULOUS to see you guys! And Happy Birthday, Eli!!! :)